Where we are

Casa Giovanni da Procida is located 
to the center of the island, a few steps
from the beach of Chiaia


Beaches & Nature

From the privileged position of our farmhouse, to the center of the island, the most beautiful beaches are within walking distance: the Chiaia: 5 minutes; Ciraccio: 10 minutes; Chiaiolella and Pozzo Old: 15 minutes.

In addition, we are near the crater of Solchiaro, on which eyelash you can walk, between Punta Pizzaco and Punta Solchiaro, one of the most evocative walks immersed, between sea and land, in the volcanic nature of the island.


Also the places of the Old Town: the Terra Murata, the Marina, the Fishing Port of Corricella, are within walking distance, with their many and valid restaurants and the picturesque sequence of shops for shopping.

But in any case, the bus stop, is a ten step from we, in Piazza Sant’Antonio di Padova. The races are frequent and you can easily reach any place of the island.


The people of Procida, like all the peoples of the sea, are deeply religious, and on the island there are numerous the churches, testimony of this deep-rooted faith.

The closest to us, at the service of the faithful and believers they are Sant’Antonio di Padova and Sant’Antonio Abate. 

By taking the bus, you can also reach the  Santuario San Giuseppe, in Chiaiolella area. The advice is to walk among the places of worship.

Services & Shops

Numerous grocery stores are located between the area of Sant’Antonio and Piazza Olmo, and 5 minutes walk from our structure. Here there are also newsagent and pharmacy, shops of clothing and souvenirs, as well as art shops and of craftsmanship.

Essential services, from the ticket office for boarding, to the travel agencies, at the Port Authority, are located at the port.


Via Giovanni da Procida, 34
80079, Procida, Napoli


Procida is the wonderful island. Nature and History, they did it amazing unicum. Nature began, outside throwing it, life, violent birth of the sea.

He forged and fertilized it, with blacksmiths ferocious volcanoes, hybrid creature of rock and earth, sour profile, docile belly. Tiny and proud, she ducked, crab and polypex, sprawling.

Then, here is the man digging tuff his stories; Here throw yourself into the sea challenge to the oceans, eternal melancholic Ulysses nostalgic return. Here is the woman rejecting, alone, the Saracen, here she is repelling the fury of Barbarossa, stealing the sword to the silvery warrior, Michele sleeping.

Procida, Mediterranean princess, sagacious and corrusca, like its women, Capital yes, but not for this reason less adventurous and impertinent.

How to get there

Getting to us is very simple, and you can do it comfortably with all the means of transport that the island Offers.

From the port you can take the lines L1, L2, C1, up to the Piazza Sant’Antonio di Padova stop. Duration: 15 minutes.

The taxi takes, from the port, 10 minutes and will leave you exactly in front of the gate of our B&B.

On foot
Who has no bulk of luggage and wants to make a nice walk can take in front of the Church of the Port, via Vittorio Emanuele, up to Piazza Olmo. Then continue in the direction of Chiaiolella and past Piazza Sant’Antonio di Padova, at the stop sign, on the right, you will notice the gate of Casa Giovanni da Procida. Approximately, 25 minutes.

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