The island of Procida is the smallest island of the Gulf in Naples, also the less known one in comparison to the greatest sisters, Ischia and Capri. Geographically it delimits the more point to North of the Gulf, in front of the area flegrea, of which it shares with Ischia of it the volcanic origin, to thirty minutes of ship from the port of Pozzuoli and a hour from the dock Beverello in Naples. it is a small island, few less than four square kilometers, with tall coasts and long beaches and holds of black volcanic sand, very urbanized and densely populated, 10.800 inhabitants. The landscape, irregular and undulated, from the narrow and tortuous streets, rich of gardens, he is broken from some hills, the tallest of which, the Walled Earth, is raised to around one hundred meters on the level of the sea and preserve intact the most ancient installation. Historically the island follows the alternate circumstances in Naples with one specificity of his: since from the most ancient times it is an island of sailors and the commerces for sea they will economically influence her and culturally. The fifteen churches, the historical buildings, three ports by the arabesque and fantastic architecture are consequence of this identity. Also today the activity of the sailors is the prevailing activity of the procidanis which, as Ulisse, are possessed by two conflicting passions, the trip and the nostalgia of the return.